B&T Composites : Your Carbon and Glass Fiber Solution.

The Company B&T Composites S.A. based in Florina, Greece specializes in the manufacturing of advanced composites components. Offering total solutions – from preliminary designing to engineering, manufacturing and testing – covers a wide range of application fields, focusing on quality, reliability, safety and efficiency. Most of the products we provide involve the usage and application of the Filament Winding Technique to Composite Cylinders , specializing in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tubes , Shafts , Rollers and Pipes . With innovative usage of these tools , we target areas of application such as Wind Energy , Automotive , Marine , Industrial and Infrastructure while also being flexible enough to engineer Consumer Goods. The Company possesses specialized production areas, full equiped with the latest technology machinery and software, to ensure highest quality to its products. Most of the staff come from composites background and also many hold degrees and are qualified in Composites Materials designing, manufacturing and testing.